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OUT NOW: “The Tick People”

Posted in Uncategorized on April 16, 2014 by carltonmellick

I’m happy to announce that my 44th book is now available. Unlike my last few books, this is a short quick read and somewhat similar in tone to my early bizarro novellas like Teeth and Tongue Landscape, Steel Breakfast Era or Ugly Heaven. I hope you check it out.


They call it Gloom Town, but that isn’t its real name. It is a sad city, the saddest of cities, a place so utterly depressing that even their ales are brewed with the most sorrow-filled tears. They built it on the back of a colossal mountain-sized animal, where its woeful citizens live like human fleas within the hairy, pulsing landscape. And those tasked with keeping the city in a state of constant melancholy are the Stressmen-a team of professional sadness-makers who are perpetually striving to invent new ways of causing absolute misery.

But for the Stressman known as Fernando Mendez, creating grief hasn’t been so easy as of late. His ideas aren’t effective anymore. His treatments are more likely to induce happiness than sadness. And if he wants to get back in the game, he’s going to have to relearn the true meaning of despair.

Like James and the Giant Peach combined with one of David Cronenberg’s early body horror films, The Tick People is a charming children’s fable that quickly devolves into a grotesque sexual nightmare.


New Eraserhead Press Releases — SPRING 2013

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Normally, Eraserhead Press releases 3-4 books per quarter. This quarter, however, there are only two releases. I blame this on Shatnerquest. It required more publishing slots to contain all of the awesome.



After the apocalypse, three Star Trek fans and their morbidly obese cat embark on a quest to save their beloved idol, the one and only William Shatner, from the hostile world America has become.

But their journey will not be easy, for the wasteland is filled with cannibal cults, Klingon biker gangs, Zombie Borg, and all manner of mutant creatures. And once they arrive at their destination, they discover that William Shatner has been transformed into Shatzilla – a giant 100-story radioactive monster hell-bent on destroying all of Los Angeles.

Now instead of saving Shatner from this new apocalyptic world, these three fans must save the world from this new apocalyptic Shatner. If only there was another giant monster who could take him down…

From the author who brought you the cult hit Shatnerquake, comes another Shat-tastic sci-fi comedy that proves once and for all that there actually is something even bigger than William Shatner’s ego. And it is… William Shatner!

Click here to buy from


MERMAID [mur-meyd] noun — a rare species of fish evolved to resemble the appearance of a woman in order to attract male human prey.

Mermaids are protected by the government under the Endangered Species Act, which means you aren’t able to kill them even in self-defense. This is especially problematic if you happen to live in the isolated fishing village of Siren Cove, where there exists a healthy population of mermaids in the surrounding waters that view you as the main source of protein in their diet.

The only thing keeping these ravenous sea women at bay is the equally-dangerous supply of human livestock known as Food People. Normally, these “feeder humans” are enough to keep the mermaid population happy and well-fed. But in Siren Cove, the mermaids are avoiding the human livestock and have returned to hunting the frightened local fishermen. It is up to Doctor Black, an eccentric representative of the Food People Corporation, to investigate the matter and hopefully find a way to correct the mermaids’ new eating patterns before the remaining villagers end up as fish food. But the more he digs, the more he discovers there are far stranger and more dangerous things than mermaids hidden in this ancient village by the sea.

Like a Lovecraftian version of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, Village of the Mermaids is a dystopian mystery that proves once again how cult author Carlton Mellick III brings the weird to a whole new level.


(Coming in July)

“In Heaven Everything is Fine: Stories Inspired by the Films of David Lynch” edited by Cameron Pierce
“Quicksand House” by Carlton Mellick III
“Japan Conquers the Galaxy” by Kirsten Alene
“You Are a Sloth” by Steve Lowe

Village of the Mermaids – Preview

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This is a deleted scene from my book, Village of the Mermaids, which will soon be available at It introduces the character of Doctor Black. The scene takes place before the book begins and can be read as a stand-alone story.

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OUT NOW: “Tumor Fruit”

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My new book is now available. It is a “mysterious island” story for the bizarro audience. Perhaps one of my best. It is definitely one of my most epic.

tumor fruit


If they don’t act fast, they’ll never get out alive…

Eight desperate castaways find themselves stranded on a mysterious deserted island. They are surrounded by poisonous blue plants and an ocean made of acid. Strange creatures lurk in the toxic jungle. The ghostly sound of crying babies can be heard on the wind.

Once they realize the rescue ships aren’t coming, the eight castaways must band together in order to survive in this inhospitable environment. But survival might not be possible. The air they breathe is toxic, there is no shelter from the elements, and the only food they have to consume is the squid-shaped tumors that grow from a mentally disturbed woman’s body.

From the crazy imagination of bizarro fiction master Carlton Mellick III comes Tumor Fruit–an intense survival story full of eccentric characters, nail-biting suspense, and unpredictable twists.

Like LOST on steroids, for the bizarro generation.

Available at

OUT NOW: Reissues of Three Early Experimental Novellas

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Three of my earlier works have just been reprinted. These were written when I was in my early twenties, back when I had a much more surreal, disjointed writing style. If you’re only familiar with my newer stuff and want to check out the kind of bizarro fiction I was writing over a decade ago, these three are good place to start. Other works written in this style include: Teeth and Tongue Landscape, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, and Adolf in Wonderland. Once I wrote The Menstruating Mall my style began to evolve in another direction, one that focused more on plot and less on poetic prose.

All of these reprints include new introductions, new cover art, and are priced at $7.95.


It’s Naked Lunch meets Dawn of the Dead in this postmodern post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare by cult bizarro author Carlton Mellick III.

Hundreds of years have passed since the living dead conquered the Earth. Surviving humans have been reduced to vermin, breeding like cockroaches in ancient fortified high-rise apartment buildings. Those who are still lingering in the shadowy waste have either gone completely insane or become infested with parasites that mutate flesh into steel-string sculptures. There is nothing left to live for, no hope for any kind of future. Only the long wait for death remains. But one man refuses to die just yet. He must first find a wife, somebody who will love him, so that he doesn’t have to die alone. And he won’t give up until he finds this person, even if he has to build a woman himself using the scrap body parts that litter the hallways.

Told in Mellick’s early schizophrenic prose style, Steel Breakfast Era is perhaps the most surreal zombie apocalypse story ever told.


A surreal sexual nightmare by cult bizarro author Carlton Mellick III.

In a dark future where males have become extinct, humans are forced to breed with factory-manufactured living fuck-toys that possess an abundance of both male and female sex organs. One such creature is adopted by a warrior dominatrix named Celsia, who is trying to have a baby. But once she takes her new merchandise home, things don’t quite go as planned. Wild tribes of rapists, women with multiple vaginas covering their bodies, sex tournaments, erotic mutilation, and a giant vagina possessing the secrets of the universe, this is one ugly perverted hell of a world.

Told in Mellick’s early schizophrenic prose style, Razor Wire Pubic Hair is like postmodern minimalistic art mixed with Japanese “guro” porn.


Was Jesus actually a time-traveler from the future? The citizens of Ocean City believe this could be the case. Their world has become so technologically advanced that everyone now possesses the ability to walk on water, cure diseases, multiply food, and raise the dead… They are like an entire civilization of Jesus Christs. But when a team of researchers travel back in time to the days of Christ, they discover the past is a lot different than they ever imagined. It is an illogical flatland lacking in dimension and color, a sick-scape of crispy squid people wandering the desert for no apparent reason. And when they meet the Messiah, they learn he is not actually the great man they were expecting him to be. In fact, he isn’t exactly a man at all.

Told in Mellick’s early schizophrenic prose style, Fishy-fleshed is part pulp science-fiction, part experimental fiction, and 100% bizarro as hell.

OUT NOW: “The Handsome Squirm”

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A tale of marriage, child-rearing, and vaginas that eat people.

A man is arrested in the middle of the night. He doesn’t know why. He doesn’t remember committing any crime. The cops drop him off in a small community in the middle of the woods where a wedding is about to begin. It is his wedding. He doesn’t recognize the bride, but she’s allegedly pregnant with his children. All twelve of them. And by law, he must marry her or go to prison for the next two decades.

But who is this strange woman he is to spend the rest of his life with? She doesn’t seem quite human. Her expressions are cold and emotionless. Her movements are like that of a spider. She is Usagi, a creature who feeds on her human mate during pregnancy. Now this man has to find a way to terminate the marriage if he is to survive. But it’s not going to be easy. His friends, his family, and his country are all against him. They believe a father should be willing to give up anything for the sake of his family. Even his life.

Like Franz Kafka’s The Trial meets an erotic body horror version of The Blob, this darkly absurd tale is classic Mellick.


Cover for “Pippi of the Apocalypse”

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It might not be for a year or more before this one comes out, but for fans of the Warrior Wolf Women world I wanted to announce that I will in fact be writing the third book in the series. “Pippi of the Apocalypse” will explore the character of Pippi: the bratty self-centered evil little bitch from the first book. It will go back and forth between her life as a child growing up in the werewolf tribe and her life years after the events of Warrior Wolf Women, where she has to deal with raising a family in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. What I hope to achieve with this book is to turn Pippi into a likeable character without having to change her. She will still be the vile, malicious, bloodthirsty little shit that she was in the first novel, but I hope to show that she can be just as beautiful as she can be horrible. She is still human, after all.

Pippi is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever created. I think it’s because she was the first character I’ve ever written that came alive on the page. By that I mean I no longer felt in control of what she was doing in my story. She took on a life of her own. She was originally created just to be killed off early on in the story, but she just wouldn’t die. She went from being the character most likely to die first to a good source of conflict that proved useful to keep around to the main villain of the story to finally the main love interest. It was like she was changing roles in my story in order to survive.

In any case, this is a book I need to write, so it will be written. I really doubt I will do another book in this series, but I do have an idea for a fourth book called “Dog Destroyers of the Deadlands.” This one would bring the two sequels (Pippi of the Apocalypse and Barbarian Beast Bitches of the Badlands) together into one final story. But we’ll see. I’ll probably base my decision on reader feedback after Pippi of the Apocalypse has been out for a while.

For those of you who haven’t read them, here are the first two books in the series:

warrior wolf women
barbarian beast bitches

Complete List of 2011 Deadite Press Releases

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Deadite Press, the cult horror imprint of Eraserhead Press, exploded in 2011. Here is a list of all 24 titles published this year.

BizarroCon Reports

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BizarroCon was about a week or so ago and I’m still riding the high caused by this awesome event. For those of you who don’t know, BizarroCon is an annual four day meetup of about 80 writers and artists involved in the Bizarro Fiction genre. We get together at Edgefield Manor outside of Portland, OR, which is also a brewery, winery, distillery. It’s four days full of parties, workshops, crazy performances, readings, networking, brainstorming, and planning the future of the bizarro fiction genre. If you’re a writer of bizarro fiction, it’s something you should be going to every single year.

I didn’t write a con report for this year’s bizarrocon, but I recommend checking out these con reports from other attendees:

Sam Reeve’s Top 10 Highlights of Bizarrocon 2011

David W Barbee’s Fast Times at BizarroCon ’11

Brian Keene’s BizarroCon report

Spike Marlowe’s report

A complete list of my books published in 2011

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For those of you who haven’t been following my releases, here’s a list of all of my books published in 2011:

Aramdillo Fists is due out soon, but probably not until after Christmas. Then Handsome Squirm will likely come out soon after that. However, these two are not yet available.

It’s been a productive year. 7 are new titles, 5 are reprints. Next year will likely be just as productive.