OUT NOW: “Tumor Fruit”

My new book is now available. It is a “mysterious island” story for the bizarro audience. Perhaps one of my best. It is definitely one of my most epic.

tumor fruit


If they don’t act fast, they’ll never get out alive…

Eight desperate castaways find themselves stranded on a mysterious deserted island. They are surrounded by poisonous blue plants and an ocean made of acid. Strange creatures lurk in the toxic jungle. The ghostly sound of crying babies can be heard on the wind.

Once they realize the rescue ships aren’t coming, the eight castaways must band together in order to survive in this inhospitable environment. But survival might not be possible. The air they breathe is toxic, there is no shelter from the elements, and the only food they have to consume is the squid-shaped tumors that grow from a mentally disturbed woman’s body.

From the crazy imagination of bizarro fiction master Carlton Mellick III comes Tumor Fruit–an intense survival story full of eccentric characters, nail-biting suspense, and unpredictable twists.

Like LOST on steroids, for the bizarro generation.

Available at amazon.com

5 Responses to “OUT NOW: “Tumor Fruit””

  1. To me it finds Carlton Mellick a wonderfully fucked genius having the all sorts of spiders in his gene.

  2. where can i get your books from in Australia?, im still ordering them from the UK

  3. Can’t wait, ordered mine just up to amazon.co.uk as to when it gets here!

  4. Kick ass cover. It sounds great. Off to Amazon I go!

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