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Night of the Assholes – Kevin Donihe podcast interview

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night of the assholes

Kevin L Donihe was interviewed in the latest issue of A Little Dead Podcast. He talks about his latest book, Night of the Assholes, which is a bizarro parody of Night of the Living Dead.

Check it out here.

New Deadite Press Books Available!

Posted in horror, zombies on February 22, 2011 by carltonmellick

clickersurban gothicclickersclickers2

Click the covers for more info.

These are must-reads for fans of hardcore horror. The Clickers series about monster crabs rampaging the countryside is a pulp horror masterpiece and is considered a cult classic at this point. Jack’s Magic Beans is a reprint of a rare novella from Brian Keene about 95% of the population becoming murderous crazies one day, set in a supermarket. And Urban Gothic is everything you want from a horror novel: a group of teens trapped in an abandoned house, fighting for survival against flesh-eating mutant underdwellers. This is horror the way it should be. Check them out. I trust all horror fans will dig them.

Cover for the “Fishy-fleshed” re-release

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Cover for “The Menstruating Mall” re-release

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