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BizarroCon Reports

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BizarroCon was about a week or so ago and I’m still riding the high caused by this awesome event. For those of you who don’t know, BizarroCon is an annual four day meetup of about 80 writers and artists involved in the Bizarro Fiction genre. We get together at Edgefield Manor outside of Portland, OR, which is also a brewery, winery, distillery. It’s four days full of parties, workshops, crazy performances, readings, networking, brainstorming, and planning the future of the bizarro fiction genre. If you’re a writer of bizarro fiction, it’s something you should be going to every single year.

I didn’t write a con report for this year’s bizarrocon, but I recommend checking out these con reports from other attendees:

Sam Reeve’s Top 10 Highlights of Bizarrocon 2011

David W Barbee’s Fast Times at BizarroCon ’11

Brian Keene’s BizarroCon report

Spike Marlowe’s report

A complete list of my books published in 2011

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For those of you who haven’t been following my releases, here’s a list of all of my books published in 2011:

Aramdillo Fists is due out soon, but probably not until after Christmas. Then Handsome Squirm will likely come out soon after that. However, these two are not yet available.

It’s been a productive year. 7 are new titles, 5 are reprints. Next year will likely be just as productive.

OUT NOW: “Sea of the Patchwork Cats” re-issue

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Sea of the Patchwork Cats

Everyone in the world committed suicide at the same time . . .

Thus begins the surreal tale of an old man living alone in an empty world after everyone else on Earth killed themselves for no particular reason at all. In search for other survivors, he drifts in a floating house out to sea until he comes to a mysterious structure in the middle of the ocean. It is a building shaped like two giant nude women conjoined at the back. And issuing from a lighted window, echoing on the ghostly wind, is the sound of hundreds of meowing patchwork cats.

Sea of the Patchwork Cats is a sad dreamlike tale set in the quiet ashes of the human race. A must-read for Mellick enthusiasts who also adore The Twilight Zone.

Available at