OUT NOW: Reissues of Three Early Experimental Novellas

Three of my earlier works have just been reprinted. These were written when I was in my early twenties, back when I had a much more surreal, disjointed writing style. If you’re only familiar with my newer stuff and want to check out the kind of bizarro fiction I was writing over a decade ago, these three are good place to start. Other works written in this style include: Teeth and Tongue Landscape, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, and Adolf in Wonderland. Once I wrote The Menstruating Mall my style began to evolve in another direction, one that focused more on plot and less on poetic prose.

All of these reprints include new introductions, new cover art, and are priced at $7.95.


It’s Naked Lunch meets Dawn of the Dead in this postmodern post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare by cult bizarro author Carlton Mellick III.

Hundreds of years have passed since the living dead conquered the Earth. Surviving humans have been reduced to vermin, breeding like cockroaches in ancient fortified high-rise apartment buildings. Those who are still lingering in the shadowy waste have either gone completely insane or become infested with parasites that mutate flesh into steel-string sculptures. There is nothing left to live for, no hope for any kind of future. Only the long wait for death remains. But one man refuses to die just yet. He must first find a wife, somebody who will love him, so that he doesn’t have to die alone. And he won’t give up until he finds this person, even if he has to build a woman himself using the scrap body parts that litter the hallways.

Told in Mellick’s early schizophrenic prose style, Steel Breakfast Era is perhaps the most surreal zombie apocalypse story ever told.


A surreal sexual nightmare by cult bizarro author Carlton Mellick III.

In a dark future where males have become extinct, humans are forced to breed with factory-manufactured living fuck-toys that possess an abundance of both male and female sex organs. One such creature is adopted by a warrior dominatrix named Celsia, who is trying to have a baby. But once she takes her new merchandise home, things don’t quite go as planned. Wild tribes of rapists, women with multiple vaginas covering their bodies, sex tournaments, erotic mutilation, and a giant vagina possessing the secrets of the universe, this is one ugly perverted hell of a world.

Told in Mellick’s early schizophrenic prose style, Razor Wire Pubic Hair is like postmodern minimalistic art mixed with Japanese “guro” porn.


Was Jesus actually a time-traveler from the future? The citizens of Ocean City believe this could be the case. Their world has become so technologically advanced that everyone now possesses the ability to walk on water, cure diseases, multiply food, and raise the dead… They are like an entire civilization of Jesus Christs. But when a team of researchers travel back in time to the days of Christ, they discover the past is a lot different than they ever imagined. It is an illogical flatland lacking in dimension and color, a sick-scape of crispy squid people wandering the desert for no apparent reason. And when they meet the Messiah, they learn he is not actually the great man they were expecting him to be. In fact, he isn’t exactly a man at all.

Told in Mellick’s early schizophrenic prose style, Fishy-fleshed is part pulp science-fiction, part experimental fiction, and 100% bizarro as hell.

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