Cover for “Pippi of the Apocalypse”

It might not be for a year or more before this one comes out, but for fans of the Warrior Wolf Women world I wanted to announce that I will in fact be writing the third book in the series. “Pippi of the Apocalypse” will explore the character of Pippi: the bratty self-centered evil little bitch from the first book. It will go back and forth between her life as a child growing up in the werewolf tribe and her life years after the events of Warrior Wolf Women, where she has to deal with raising a family in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. What I hope to achieve with this book is to turn Pippi into a likeable character without having to change her. She will still be the vile, malicious, bloodthirsty little shit that she was in the first novel, but I hope to show that she can be just as beautiful as she can be horrible. She is still human, after all.

Pippi is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever created. I think it’s because she was the first character I’ve ever written that came alive on the page. By that I mean I no longer felt in control of what she was doing in my story. She took on a life of her own. She was originally created just to be killed off early on in the story, but she just wouldn’t die. She went from being the character most likely to die first to a good source of conflict that proved useful to keep around to the main villain of the story to finally the main love interest. It was like she was changing roles in my story in order to survive.

In any case, this is a book I need to write, so it will be written. I really doubt I will do another book in this series, but I do have an idea for a fourth book called “Dog Destroyers of the Deadlands.” This one would bring the two sequels (Pippi of the Apocalypse and Barbarian Beast Bitches of the Badlands) together into one final story. But we’ll see. I’ll probably base my decision on reader feedback after Pippi of the Apocalypse has been out for a while.

For those of you who haven’t read them, here are the first two books in the series:

warrior wolf women
barbarian beast bitches

4 Responses to “Cover for “Pippi of the Apocalypse””

  1. Great news. Not only because the Werewolf Women world is a great one, but because of what it means to other Bizarro authors and Bizarro readers. Genre readers like worlds and characters they can go back to and seeing the Werewolf Women again and then again after that show them that they don’t lose that element of fandom in reading Bizarro.

  2. Holy fucking ever loving shit thank you so much I was so excited about the other books and now we get more bitches YESSSSS!!!!!

  3. Couldn’t be happier that you’re actually writing the book after teasing us with the possibility a while ago! I consider WWW to be your best book so far (tied with ZOMBIES AND SHIT) and to be honest, I already found Pippi quite likeable in WWW. Of course I have a strange fondness for psychotic bitches, hairy or otherwise, so…

  4. Great! I love the setting and Pippi is one of my favorite characters. I don’t like the “It might not be for a year or more…” part though, but anyway.

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