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OUT NOW: “Red World”

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My novelette “Red World” has just been released by White belly Press. It is a 30 page trade paperback with a very limited run of 100 copies. If you want a copy I suggest you get it right away.

This story tells the tale of a recovering junky trying to save his 8-year-old brother from a life of prostitution in a surreal version of New York City — a place where street kids mutate into fish-like creatures, the homeless stilt-walk through oceans of insects, and the only colors left visible to the human eye are shades of red.

For those of you who like darker urban bizarro tales similar to my novellas Egg Man or Crab Town, this is a story I recommend.

To reserve a copy contact Matthew Humphrey at:

OUT NOW: “The Handsome Squirm”

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A tale of marriage, child-rearing, and vaginas that eat people.

A man is arrested in the middle of the night. He doesn’t know why. He doesn’t remember committing any crime. The cops drop him off in a small community in the middle of the woods where a wedding is about to begin. It is his wedding. He doesn’t recognize the bride, but she’s allegedly pregnant with his children. All twelve of them. And by law, he must marry her or go to prison for the next two decades.

But who is this strange woman he is to spend the rest of his life with? She doesn’t seem quite human. Her expressions are cold and emotionless. Her movements are like that of a spider. She is Usagi, a creature who feeds on her human mate during pregnancy. Now this man has to find a way to terminate the marriage if he is to survive. But it’s not going to be easy. His friends, his family, and his country are all against him. They believe a father should be willing to give up anything for the sake of his family. Even his life.

Like Franz Kafka’s The Trial meets an erotic body horror version of The Blob, this darkly absurd tale is classic Mellick.


BizarroCon tickets available

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Tickets for BizarroCon are now on sale. If you are involved or want to be involved in the bizarro fiction scene this is a must-attend event.

Go to the website for more info.