OUT NOW: “Red World”

My novelette “Red World” has just been released by White belly Press. It is a 30 page trade paperback with a very limited run of 100 copies. If you want a copy I suggest you get it right away.

This story tells the tale of a recovering junky trying to save his 8-year-old brother from a life of prostitution in a surreal version of New York City — a place where street kids mutate into fish-like creatures, the homeless stilt-walk through oceans of insects, and the only colors left visible to the human eye are shades of red.

For those of you who like darker urban bizarro tales similar to my novellas Egg Man or Crab Town, this is a story I recommend.

To reserve a copy contact Matthew Humphrey at:

17 Responses to “OUT NOW: “Red World””

  1. how much is this, please?…

  2. carltonmellick Says:

    Cost is $8.

  3. thanks, I’ll order one now! 😉

  4. I tried to order one. I sent the email but haven’t heard back. Is there another way I can get one? I’d be willing to paypal you the money or something.

    I just really don’t wanna miss out on this.

  5. Hey. I got my copy. It’s not in front of me, but I believe it’s 65/100

    Anyways, I read it and loved it. It could’ve been longer, but what are you gonna do?

    I’ll post a review of it somewhere soon.

    Thanks for another great read!

    • carltonmellick Says:

      >>It could’ve been longer<<

      The publisher wanted something 30 pages long.

      It was a fun story to write. I'm glad you liked it.

  6. I got copy 67/100 😀

    So this will never be printed anywhere ever again? Or what?

    If it never get’s printed again it makes me feel special to own one.

    I loved it, by the way. Your work is always a nice break from more traditional literature.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      The story will be included in a collection eventually, but only 100 copies of this edition will ever exist. It will never be published again as a stand-alone paperback.

  7. probably too early to ask, but you think you will bring out more of these very-limited editions again?!…

  8. i have 2 emails out but haven’t heard anything back I would really like to get a copy of this i have read all of your books and I love every one, they are the only ones I don’t give away.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      Have you sent emails lately? I think he only started responding to them within the last few weeks. He still has copies.

  9. Ordered mine, hope it doesn’t take too long to get to UK!

    I can’t wait!

    Loving Handsome Squirm so far!

  10. Just received this (79/100) in the mail… nomnomonom!

  11. Just turned up today, No. 80 i think, second digit a little smudged, can’t wait to blitz this tonight!

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