OUT NOW: “You Always Try to Kill Me in Your Dreams”

My newest book, YOU ALWAYS TRY TO KILL ME IN YOUR DREAMS, is now available at amazon.


Dreams shouldn’t kill you. If you die in a dream you should be fine in real life. But that’s not what Elias learns once he moves in with a girl named Roe who has the terrible habit of pulling people into her dreams with her whenever she falls asleep. Although she’s the nicest, coolest, most attractive woman Elias has ever known while she’s awake, Roe is a complete psychopath in her dreams. She will stop at nothing to kill anyone who finds their way into her subconscious worlds. But Elias has no choice but to survive her crazy dreams every night if he ever hopes to make it in a world that has been torn apart by a global pandemic and economic collapse.

Available at amazon.com

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