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OUT NOW: Hammer Wives

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My third story collection is now available.


Fish-eyed mutants, oceans of insects, and flesh-eating women with hammers for heads.

Like a real world Kilgore Trout, cult author Carlton Mellick III has been pumping out dozens of the weirdest, trashiest, most imaginative books you’ve probably never heard of… even though you definitely should. Hammer Wives collects six of his most popular novelettes and short stories, including:

A man discovers that his body is actually a machine run by dozens of miniature clones of himself.

A recovering junky must save his 8-year-old brother from a life of prostitution in a surreal version of New York City… a place where street kids mutate into fish-like creatures, the homeless stilt-walk through oceans of insects, and the only colors left visible to the human eye are shades of red.

A young man inherits ten eternally youthful wives from an estranged uncle he never knew he had… which wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if they didn’t have giant hammers for heads or a tendency of bludgeoning people to death for fun, food, or sexual pleasure.

Cockroach-like children survive the zombie apocalypse by hiding between the walls of on old school building.

In a steam-powered underworld, a bloodthirsty pig-man boxer will sacrifice everything to prevent his son from following in his footsteps.

The recently departed reflect on the stupid reasons why they sold their souls to the devil.


Deadite Press Releases – Fall 2012

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Here are the three Fall releases from Deadite Press — Eraserhead’s cult horror imprint.

entombedcrazy beardeadweight

All three books are dark, violent, and awesome.

T-2000 action figure

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For those of you who have read my book Zombies and Shit, you know that Mr. T is featured in the story as a zombie-smashing cyborg called the T-2000. Here’s a T-2000 action figure made by Warhorse Customs.

Check out more images here:

T-2000 at

PS – This is just a fan made custom. It’s not actually for sale.

New Deadite Press Books Available!

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clickersurban gothicclickersclickers2

Click the covers for more info.

These are must-reads for fans of hardcore horror. The Clickers series about monster crabs rampaging the countryside is a pulp horror masterpiece and is considered a cult classic at this point. Jack’s Magic Beans is a reprint of a rare novella from Brian Keene about 95% of the population becoming murderous crazies one day, set in a supermarket. And Urban Gothic is everything you want from a horror novel: a group of teens trapped in an abandoned house, fighting for survival against flesh-eating mutant underdwellers. This is horror the way it should be. Check them out. I trust all horror fans will dig them.

OUT NOW: Zombies and Shit

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My new book is now available. For those of you who wantedbook from me like Apeshit but the epic scale of Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland, this is the book for you. As an obsessive zombie fan this is a book I just had to write. It is everything I have ever wanted to see in a zombie story since I was a little kid playing “zombie apocalypse” with my GI Joes.

Check it out:


Battle Royale meets Return of the Living Dead in this post-apocalyptic action adventure.

Twenty people wake to find themselves in a boarded-up building in the middle of the zombie wasteland. They soon realize they have been chosen as contestants on a popular reality show called Zombie Survival. Each contestant is given a backpack of supplies and a unique weapon. Their goal: be the first to make it through the zombie-plagued city to the pick-up zone alive. But because there’s only one seat available on the helicopter, the contestants not only have to fight off the hordes of the living dead, they must also fight each other.

Zombies and Shit is Mellick’s craziest book to date. A campy, trashy, punk rock gore fest that is as funny as it is brutal, as sad as it is strange. An edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that twists the zombie genre into something you’ve never seen before.

Available at

Halloween Books to Read

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Deadite Press, the cult horror imprint of Eraserhead Press, has these new titles that you should check out this Halloween:


Whether you’re a fan of bizarro or extreme horror, you have to read this book. It’s a hardcore slasher tale set in a surreal alternate universe. It really is a must read.


It’s prom night in the Demented States of America. A place where schools are built with secret passageways, rebellious teens get zippers installed in their mouths and genitals, and once a year, on that special night, one couple is slaughtered and the bits of their bodies are kept as souvenirs. But something’s gone terribly wrong at Corundum High, where the secret killer is claiming a far higher body count than usual . . . Slaughterhouse High is Robert Devereaux’s slicing satire of sex, death, and public education.

Get it at


This is a must own not only because it’s got one of the best horror book covers of the year, but also because Wrath James White is a master of gore. This collects some of his best, most brutal tales.


God’s a mean bastard and doesn’t give a shit about you. Welcome to a world of Zombie nymphomaniacs, psychopathic deities, voodoo surgery, and murderous priests. A place where the gate to Heaven is in an elderly whore’s pussy and shit covered sewer drains lead to Hell. Where mutilation sex clubs are in vogue and torture machines are sex toys. This is the mind of Wrath James White. No one makes it out alive – not even God himself. The Book of a Thousand Sins collects fifteen anti-faith tales of depravity, gore, and sex from the celebrated master of hardcore horror. Be warned; Wrath James White is here to scar you.

Get it at



In 1934, horror writer H.P. Lovecraft is invited to write a story for a subversive underground magazine, all on the condition that a pseudonym will be used. The pay is lofty, and God knows, Lovecraft needs the money. There’s just one catch. It has to be a pornographic story . . . All Aboard Trolley No. 1852 Through the midnight bowels of New York City, the trolley travels. Admitting only a special sort of passenger, and taking them to a very select destination . . . The 1852 Club is a bordello unlike any other. Its women are the most beautiful in the whole city and they will do anything. But there is something else going on at this sex club. In the back rooms monsters are performing vile acts on each other and doors to other dimensions are opening . . .

Get it at



If you’re a teenage metal head The Southern Illinois Music Reeducation Center is not the place you want to go. The center specializes in “de-metaling” – a treatment to cure teens of their metal loving, devil worshiping ways. A program that subjects its prisoners to sexual abuse, torture, and brain-washing.

But tonight things get much worse. Tonight the flesh-eating zombies come . . .

Get it at

Out now: “The Vegan Revolution …with Zombies!” by David Agranoff

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When there’s no more meat in hell,
the vegans will walk the earth.

vegan rev

If you are a zombie fan or a vegan you need to check out this book. Published by Deadite Press, the cult horror imprint of Eraserhead Press. I urged “punk horror” author David Agranoff to write this book because I thought it was a book that needed to be written. No one in the world could have written this book but David. I’m not a vegan, but you don’t have to be a vegan to like this. It’s just a good horror comedy that pokes fun at hipsters, Portlanders, juggalos, zombie fans, and even some aspects vegan culture. Oh, and it also pokes fun at the whole “with zombies” trend in literature that started with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The main character works at a zombie publishing house and is copyediting the next big zombie mash-up: Of Mice and Men and Zombies.

More information:


“Like Shaun of the Dead with vegans and hipsters. A hilarious zombie comedy. I loved it!” – Carlton Mellick III

“Destined to become a favorite among zombie fans and vegans alike.” – Gina Ranalli, author of Praise the Dead

“This witty novel celebrates everything I love about vegan Portland and kills everything I hate!” – Jess of Portland’s Get Sconed vegan blog.

Presenting Stress Free Food! Animal suffering is a thing of the past. Hipsters can now enjoy bacon without guilt. Thanks to a new miracle drug the cute little pig no longer feels a thing as she is led to the slaughter. The only problem? Once the drug enters the food supply anyone who eats it is infected. From fast food burgers to free-range organic eggs, eating animal products turns people into shambling brain-dead zombies. Not even vegetarians are safe!

In Portland, Oregon, vegans, freegans, abolitionists, hardliners and raw fooders have holed up in Food Fight, one of the country’s premier vegan grocery stores at the vegan mini-mall. There they must prepare for their final battle to take back the city from the hordes of roaming undead. Will vegans filet the flesh-eaters or will they become zombie chow?

When there’s no more meat in hell, the vegans will walk the earth.

Get it at

I really like the book. I also love the trailer for the book. It looks as if this could have easily become a movie.

I highly recommend checking out the trailer here:

Here’s some shots from the shooting:

The cast of characters, including David Agranoff on the far left and bizarro author Jeff Burk as the freegan on the far right.


freegan death
The freegan death scene

My role in the zombie movie “The Ancient”

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About 5 years ago I was asked to appear in a low budget zombie movie called “The Ancient.” They wanted me to play a demented doomsday priest that goes door to door preaching about the end of the world. It was a good time. The movie was only available for a few weeks and is now out of print, because I believe all those involved in making it are a bit embarrassed that it exists. I probably should feel the same way but there’s nothing I like more than a bad low budget movie. Plus, my performance in the film was beyond Oscar-worthy. I really should have pursued a career in acting.

Recently, I got this fan made video that pieces together all of my scenes in the movie into one video. The scenes all put together actually do tell kind of a story, so think of it as a short film about a crazy priest trying gain some followers on the day of the zombie apocalypse.

Here it is: