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Warrior Wolf Women series

Posted in Bizarro Books on March 14, 2010 by carltonmellick

Well, it looks like “Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland” has become a series. I’m writing two prequels and two sequels for it. Three short ones and one long one. The three short ones will be collected into a single volume and released later in the year or early next year. I’ve completed one of the prequels already, “Barbarian Beast Babes of the Badlands” which is about Apple, Talon, and Hyena, plus some new characters. The other prequel I’m writing right now, which will be all about Samurai Hamburglar. The third novella will follow Talon, Slayer, Nova, and the rest of the warrior gang directly after the events of Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland. The long sequel will be a stand alone novel, set several years after WWW and will mostly focus on Pippi and Daniel Togg. It will be called “Pippi of the Apocalypse.”

I’m really excited about writing all of these. I haven’t really been able to get the WWW world out of my head since I wrote the book and it’s been fun to return to it. Plus, I always wanted to write a trilogy.