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Coming soon: “Ugly Heaven”

Posted in Bizarro Books, Bizarro Fiction, Carlton Mellick III, eraserhead press on July 15, 2011 by carltonmellick

This book is being re-issued as a stand alone this summer. It’s one of my books that very few have read, probably because of the high cover price. But at the time I wrote it I thought it was my best book by far. Since the original has been out of print for about a year, I hope you’ll get a chance to finally read it.

Here’s a description:

At one point in time, Heaven was a paradise. It was a blissful utopia full of wonders far beyond human comprehension. But that was a long, long time ago. The afterlife is now in ruins. It has become an ugly, lonely wasteland populated by strange monstrous beasts, masturbating angels, and sad man-like beings wallowing in the remains of the once-great Kingdom of God. As two recently departed souls arrive in Heaven, they discover their eternal home is not one of divine peace but of nightmarish ugliness. They go on a quest to explore this dead alien landscape, desperately seeking answers, allies, and some sort of place they can forever call home.