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Writing Marathon at Voodoo Doughnuts

Posted in Bizarro Authors, Bizarro Events on November 20, 2009 by carltonmellick

Portland is known for its weird writers. It is also known for its weird doughnuts. For the next three days, these two things will collide…


PORTLAND, OR (November 18, 2009) This Friday, November 20th, Bizarro author Cameron Pierce will move into Voodoo Doughnut Too (1501 N.E. Davis) for three days to write Die You Doughnut Bastards! The first novella in a trilogy of food stories, Die You Doughnut Bastards! is a bizarro comedy set in a futuristic Portland where sentient Viking doughnuts overthrow human society. It will feature cameos from several doughnuts sold at Voodoo.

One month after celebrating the release of his second book, The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz (Eraserhead Press, 2009), and completing his performance series Meat Magick, Pierce is diving into his most absurd and ambitious project yet.

From Friday, November 20th through Sunday, November 22nd, Pierce will be living and writing in Voodoo Doughnut Too (except when they close between 3am and 6am, then he’ll freeze). He’ll eat nothing but doughnuts during this marathon, so drop in and share a Grape Ape and coffee with him, or just sit back and witness insanity in action.