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Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy

Posted in Bizarro Authors, Bizarro Books on November 26, 2010 by carltonmellick

Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy
Bizarro pal Bradley Sands just released a book through Cameron Pierce’s Lazy Fascist Press. Winner of the best title of the year award…


Bizarro humorist Bradley Sands returns with one of the strangest, most hilarious collections of the year.

In Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, the pope gets sued, a headless man falls in love with a bowl of rice, and architects dismantle the earth. A war breaks out over greeting cards. A suicidal amputee tries to kill himself. William S. Burroughs becomes an amateur archaeologist and Tao Lin drinks an ape-flavored smoothie.

Between a breakfast of clocks, a lunch date with Adolf Hitler, and breakdancing in outer space, anything is possible in the work of Bradley Sands. Just never wear a bear costume to an orgy.

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