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Zombies and Shit

Posted in Bizarro Books on June 17, 2010 by carltonmellick

So for the next week I’ll be working on a new book. This one is going to be another over the top parody of B-horror movies, like Apeshit. However, instead of a Friday the 13th type of story, this one is going to be about zombies. I’m not talking Night of the Living Dead zombies. I’m talking RETURN of the Living Dead zombies. I’m talking about brain-eaters with mohawks. Basically, I just want to do something like Apeshit, but this time with zombies.

The premise of this book is: Battle Royale meets Return of the Living Dead.

It’s about a group of people who wake to find themselves in a boarded up building in the middle of the zombie wasteland. They soon realize they have been chosen as contestants in a popular game show called Zombie Survival. Each contestant is given a backpack of supplies and a unique weapon. Their goal: be the first to make it through the zombie-plagued city to the pick-up zone alive. Some will choose to work together, some will go solo, some will turn on the other contestants to make sure they make it to the helicopter first.

Or something like that . . . (I haven’t written it yet, so we’ll see how it goes)

I’m really excited about this one. I have always been a huge zombie fan. Many of my earlier books have zombies in them, but none of them were real zombie books. For years I decided not to write a zombie book because there were just way too many zombie books out there already. However, I don’t give a crap anymore. I just want to write one. Besides, I promise this zombie book will be one of a kind.

Eraserhead Press has a few zombie books coming out this year. All of them are excellent zombie comedies that I highly recommend. More info on that later.