OUT NOW: “The Bad Box”

My newest book, THE BAD BOX, is now available.


Little Benny isn’t very good at taking tests. It’s not that he’s a stupid kid or doesn’t pay attention in class. It’s just that he’s absolutely terrified of failure. It doesn’t matter how hard he studies. He gets so nervous that he freezes up and his mind goes blank, rarely even answering a single question before the time is up. This is especially difficult now that he’s in Mrs. Gustafson’s fifth grade class, where the punishment for failure is to draw a curse from the bad box—a magical device that permanently mutates children into horrific monsters.

Available at amazon.com

4 Responses to “OUT NOW: “The Bad Box””

  1. Farrah DeBiasi Says:

    It makes me nervous that this site has not been updated!
    Mr. Mellick I hope you are well and have a book or two in the works.

  2. This was such an impactful book with a vital message! I got it bc I was extremely curious about the plot and it’s become a part of my permanent collection.

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