COMING SOON: “Tumor Fruit”

Armadillo Fists will be out in a week or two, Handsome Squirm will be out in a month, and after that will be this book which has the working title TUMOR FRUIT. This one is an island survival story, kind of like a bizarro version of Castaway. I’ve always been a fan of wilderness survival stories so this is one I’m really excited about.

6 Responses to “COMING SOON: “Tumor Fruit””

  1. Ninja_Dentist Says:

    Oooh, want! I hate having to wait for your books…

  2. When are you finally going to write a hentai novel?

  3. where is handsome squirm? Maybe we’ve all been spoiled by the book of the month club that is CMIII, but nothing since December, and its now middle of March! Now I’m starting to squirm!

    • carltonmellick Says:

      I wasn’t happy with Handsome Squirm so I went back and expanded it quite a bit in December and January. After 6 weeks with editors, it’s now ready to go. Should be out before the end of the month.

  4. Chad Hart Says:

    i’m still super pumped about this one.. and the quicksand one too. that one sounds like ultrafuckers meets a gothic haunted house movie. i always get so happy when i get a new book of yours in my mailbox.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      It won’t be too long before Tumor Fruit is out. I’m hoping Quicksand House will be released this year. It’s a story that has been in my head for 15 years.

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