A complete list of my books published in 2011

For those of you who haven’t been following my releases, here’s a list of all of my books published in 2011:

Aramdillo Fists is due out soon, but probably not until after Christmas. Then Handsome Squirm will likely come out soon after that. However, these two are not yet available.

It’s been a productive year. 7 are new titles, 5 are reprints. Next year will likely be just as productive.

8 Responses to “A complete list of my books published in 2011”

  1. Are you serious? 12 books?

    Wow. I’m very impressed, man.

  2. Waiting to read Knocked up and Orgy, been bought for me as gifts for my birthday and xmas, Knocked up was signed from a recent con that you did!

    Cant wait for squirm to come out!

    As soon as it hits Dec and the tree and lights are up Gonna read Xmas on crack!, last years festive tale was Sausagey Santa

    Keep up the fantastic work CMIII lets hope 2012 is just as productive, any horrors in the pipeline Apeshit/Zombies type

  3. Next year do you plan some eBook publishing? I’d totally buy them!

  4. carltonmellick Says:

    Mauro – a bunch of my books are available on kindle now.

  5. Cool, thanks, I didn’t notice that! I’ll check them as soon as possible!

  6. OK, I bought them; maybe you can think about selling also ePubs, it’d be easier for people who don’t own a Kindle.

  7. 12 books in a year is awesome! How do you keep that level of output up? At least there will be no shortage of things for me to read now that I’ve gotten hooked on bizarro.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      I didn’t write all 12 this year. Only 3 of them were started and finished within the year. 3 more were completed but were already half-finished. The rest were just polished a tiny bit. I wrote about 150,000 words this year, which is pretty average (or maybe below average) for someone who writes books for a living.

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