Cover for “The Baby Jesus Butt Plug” re-issue

Coming soon.

3 Responses to “Cover for “The Baby Jesus Butt Plug” re-issue”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    I really, really like this cover! I especially like the artist’s decision to put the door on the infant’s chest. Awesome looking cover art!

  2. Another great cover!

    How many are getting re-released?

    I bet you are so excited that your older books are looking like a matching

    When is squirm out?

  3. Christ! Last post made no sense, was trying to feed my son at the time, what i meant to say was are you pleased that your books are starting to look like a matching set, with cover art that relates to the story?

    M O Ninja came in the post today cant wait to start that tonight, just waiting on Orgy and Squirm now!

    Not been this excited since you anounced Zombies and Shit!

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