New Bizarro Central now live!

bizarro central

The new Bizarro Central website is now live! This is the BC that bizarro fans have always wanted. It will be updated multiple times a day with news, articles, updates, fiction, entertainment, and all sorts of things of interest to bizarro fiction fans. Bookmark this page and visit often.

3 Responses to “New Bizarro Central now live!”

  1. Done, and bookmarked awesome site and thanks for letting us know about it brother. Now get done with Barbarian Bitches please! j/k I can’t wait for that and your other new shit.

    PS as I’m sure you know rest in peace Macho Man yet another reason to get one of your books if not to just have the Macho Man doll immortalized on it.

  2. Dustin Reade Says:

    Awesome! The new page looks kicj-ass and I just found out one of my short stories will be up on the Central page this friday!

  3. Billy Hysteria Says:

    Amazing new site! I have been away too long. Need to order some new bizarro soon, have already worn my copies of Electric Jesus Corpse and Satan Burger out. Although my Orange Starter Kit is still shiny.

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