Die Kannibalen von Candyland

Coming soon is the German edition of “Cannibals of Candyland.” It might have a scratch-and-sniff cover. I believe it is available for pre-order. If you speak German you might want to check it out. There will also be an audio edition. Here’s the description.

die kannibalen

Carlton Mellick III schreibt Bizarro Fiction – ein Genre, das er quasi selbst erfunden hat. Doch was ist das? Grob gesagt: Bizarro Fiction ist seltsame Literatur.
Man stelle sich einen bösen Roald Dahl auf Speed vor. Das sagt nicht viel aus? Hmm, vielleicht ahnt man etwas, wenn man einige Titel von CM3 hört: ›Ultra Fuckers‹, ›Electric Jesus Corpse‹, ›The Menstruating Mall‹, ›Teeth and Tongue Landscape‹, ›Adolf in Wonderland‹, ›The Haunted Vagina‹, ›Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland‹, ›The Baby-Jesus Ass-Plug‹.

Wie echte Kult-Filme ist Bizarro Fiction manchmal surreal, manchmal revolutionär, manchmal idiotisch, manchmal blutig, oft derb pornografisch und fast immer radikal abgedreht.

Bizarro Fiction ist wie:

Franz Kafka trifft John Waters
Kinderbücher nach der Apokalypse
Takashi Miike trifft William S. Burroughs
Alice in Wonderland für Erwachsene
Japanisches Kino unter der Regie von David Lynch

Bei Festa sind mehrere Veröffentlichungen in Vorbereitung. Wir starten mit ›Die Kannibalen von Candyland‹ – gedruckt auf rosa Papier und wenn man den Umschlag streichelt, riecht man das Candyland, denn dann duftet es nach Erdbeerbonbons.

Gebunden, Leseband.
Circa 160 Seiten
Originaltitel: The Cannibals of Candyland
Übersetzung: Michael Plogmann

7 Responses to “Die Kannibalen von Candyland”

  1. i would like to read this book, but i’m not going to.

  2. carltonmellick Says:

    because it’s in German?

  3. yes. and also because i drafted a similar-ish maybe story a few years ago, and i don’t want to cross the streams.

    it looks like you’re a night owl, too. as opposed to a day owl, i mean.

  4. carltonmellick Says:

    When I think I’ve written a similarish story to something else I make sure to read it so that I make sure the streams don’t cross and if there are any similarities I try to change it into something better.

    What’s your story about? I can let you know if there’s anything similar.

  5. i’m typically the opposite- if something sounds similar, i avoid it because i don’t want its elements mixing with mine. if someone later says “hey, this is JUST like so-and-so,” i can say “i’ve never read/seen that.”

    mine’s called Edmund Bear and the Candy Conspiracy. eventually, i’ll animate it, but it’s about a cannibal who thinks people are made of candy.

  6. carltonmellick Says:

    The thing is that nobody cares if you never read it before. If things are too similar people will assume rip off no matter what you say. Similar things have happened to me. Like how Satan is gay in Satan Burger. People accused me of ripping off South Park, even though I wrote that part of the book two years before South Park existed. It’s always best to read everything you possibly could that might be similar to a story idea you have to make sure what you produce is a unique take on the idea.

    Unless you are worried about being influenced by those other works and unconsciously stealing from them. If you are easily influenced then you might want to stay away.

    I really don’t think Edmund Bear sounds at all like Cannibals of Candyland, which is about a race of people who evolved alongside human beings to have natural candy-coated skin. Similar to a lantern fish that has evolved to attract smaller fish to the light on its head, these candy-coated people have developed this evolutionary trait to attract their primary food source: children. The main character is trying to hunt down and kill all of these elusive candy people for eating his other siblings when he was a kid. This hunt leads him to the secret underworld of the candy people, which happens to also be made of candy. Most of the story takes place there.

    • it’s more of a sort of phobia, i suppose, than being actually worried about what people think. it’s like i don’t want my ideas stolen, so i don’t talk about them, and previously, i was good about not opening up to other people’s ideas, so they didn’t get stolen by me… which is fairly isolating.

      it’s something i’m getting over, as i see it’s basically impossible to come up with an idea someone else hasn’t developed a mutation of. especially after discover Bizarro…

      a couple of years ago, i’d have barely told someone i knew anything about something i was working on, let alone a famous author. so, i’ll get over it, and eventually, i will read this book… but in a case like this, i still want to get my story ironed out before i pick up yours. sometimes it’s cooler to find the similarities after the fact, like finding out that someone likes the same thing you like, even though you thought you were the only one.

      anyway, you have about 10, 000 books, so i’ll just read those in the meantime, on top of everyone else’s i’m trying to catch up on.

      if you’re still interested in animation, i’ll let you know when i finally get one of my weird ones done. if you want to watch some interesting russian work in themeanwhile, check out http://kol-belov.newgrounds.com/

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