Bizarro Radio Interview

In person, Jeremy Robert Johnson is the funniest most retarded bizarro writer that I know of, even though his fiction is some of the darkest and most powerful.

I highly recommend listening to this interview with him. It’s pretty hilarious. He is exactly like this every second you’re around him.

Click here: Interview with JRJ

2 Responses to “Bizarro Radio Interview”

  1. Eric Robinson Says:

    hehe, I love it when retard is used as a term of endearment. Yeah, JRJ is nuts I loved hanging with him at BizarroCon

  2. Shame the interviewer has the worst interview technique I’ve ever heard, isn’t even slightly funny, and is just plain irritating. Jeremy Robert Johnson would be much more entertaining to listen to on his own. He must have only spoken for about 5 minutes out of the half hour…

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