Writing Marathon

Today I am preparing notes to start a three day marathon at the Sylvia Beach Hotel. I’ll be writing a very short prequel to “Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland.” It is called “Barbarian Beast Babes of the Badlands.” I’m pretty sure it’s the worst title I’ve ever come up with. I came up with it as a joke but everyone I mentioned it to said that the title is just way to stupid not to use.

I’m pretty sure it will be a lot like Warrior Wolf Women, but with more of a Heavy Metal comics or USA “Up All Night” feel to it. For those of you who read WWW, this one will focus mostly on the background characters Hyena and Apple, but it will also have Talon and some new characters. I’m excited to write it.

2 Responses to “Writing Marathon”

  1. you should almost always use something that’s too stupid not to use.

  2. chris benton Says:

    sounds good, it’s always a relief when a previous tale lay’s ornery echo’s…

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