Crypticon Photos

Just got back from Crypticon. Of the bizarro crew, there were twelve of us: Rose O’Keefe, Jeremy Robert Johnson, me, Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce, Forrest Armstrong, Angie Molinar, Kevin Shamel, Gina Ranalli, Karen Townsend, Bruce Taylor and Mykle Hansen. It was a great time. Here are some highlights.

The Eraserhead Press crew on the way to Seattle:

Eraserhead crew

The Eraserhead Press table:

ehp table
(Tabling is a pain in the ass, but Eraserhead always tends to sell a ton of books at every convention, even when the turnout isn’t as good as expected)

ehp table

Me and Forrest Armstrong:

me & forrest
(my head against my head)

Mykle Hansen being attacked by Angie in a bear suit:

(To promote his book “Help! A Bear is Eating Me!” Mykle did this impromptu comedy sketch in the lobby.)


Mykle eaten

Jeremy, me, John Skipp, and Cody Goodfellow at the Elysian Brewery:

(Drinking at a local brewery is usually my favorite part of doing conventions)

Rose with shirts of my head on them:

cm3 shirts
(These shirts might be on sale soon)

Rose with Lloyd Kaufman:

(Rose hung out with Lloyd quite a bit over the weekend. He’s a cool guy, of course, and was really
supportive of bizarro fiction and Eraserhead Press. He seemed genuinely interested in what we were all about and perhaps some bizarro writers might even be writing for Troma at some point. We’ll have to see.)

The Brutally Evil Satan Show:

satan show
(So this is my retarded satan performance.)








My book signing session:


The bizarro hour:

Cameron + audience
(Picture of the audience for the Bizarro Hour. Too many people came to see this event to have it in the reading room, so it had to be moved to the lobby.)

Cameron doing lloyd the centipede(Cameron Pierce the banana man doing Lloyd the Centipede during his performance.)

(Jeremy Robert Johnson doing his magic show)

(Jeremy and Mykle hosting the Bizarro Hour)

(Bruce Taylor’s performance.)

(Mykle Hansen’s reading)

(Forrest Armstrong’s performance.)

(Jeff Burk doing his Shatnerquake performance)

Jeff as shatner

More photos:

Rose O’keefe’s Crypticon Photo Album on Facebook

Kevin Shamel’s Crypticon Photo Album on Facebook

(You might have to be facebook friends with them to access the images)

8 Responses to “Crypticon Photos”

  1. Some Asshole Says:

    Awesome, I’m famous on the internet now? (Guy in the white shirt in the magic show)

    PS: I like your books, at least the ones I’ve read so far.
    PPS: Your retarded Satan show was the funniest thing I saw all weekend except for Cameron Pierce fucking a centipede thing with a deer head in his crotch, which I don’t think I’ll ever see topped in my lifetime.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      Weren’t you the guy who wanted to drink Forrest’s blender? If so, how’d you like it? Thanks for coming to my show and the bizarro show. Thanks for checking out my books. I hope you get a chance to check out some of the other bizarro books.

      • Some Asshole Says:

        The blender wasn’t too foul, I was just worrying about drinking it too quickly and spilling egg-banana-ants?-herbs-whiskeyshake all over myself.

        I think Rose took a picture of it, but I’m not sure.

        My lady friend (the zombie brownie/girl scout) is trying to get a group together to go down to Portland for the BizarroCon thing in October. Hopefully I’ll have a job by then and can afford more books.

        Did Mykle get to the store and back ok?

  2. I can’t decide whether I want a shirt with your face on it or a giant banner with your face on it.

  3. Alexander Jerusalem Says:

    I love how Rose’s breasts make it look like you’ve got jowls.

    Looks like a great time. Wish I’d been there. Lloyd Kaufman, even!

  4. Great pics! My favorite part of TBESS was definitely the guitar solo. That was so metal my eyes bled! \m/

  5. Those pictures are awesome! I got some pretty freaky ones myself and posted them on our blog. I didn’t get the chance to go to any of the events–I’m definitely going to be more organized next year!

  6. I so want a shirt of your face. It’s fucking awesome!

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