Goblin Music

I love the really cheesy electro-funk music from ’70s Italian horror films, most commonly written by Goblin. They bring me back to a time when only keyboards and bass guitars mattered. I’m getting ready to go to Seattle tomorrow for Crypticon and decided to make myself a road music CD filled with nothing but these electro-funk theme songs to hopefully piss off everyone in the car.

Here is a sampling of some of the songs that are going on the CD:

6 Responses to “Goblin Music”

  1. Simplemente maravilloso…;)

  2. William Pauley III Says:

    I just watched ‘Suspiria’ again over the weekend, which is filled with Goblin music… the DVD even has a Goblin music video. >:)

  3. Theresa Says:

    Nice! I played Claudio Simonetti’s newer band Daemonia for Rose at CW. It’s slightly harder versions of the famous Goblin/Moriccone Argento themes. Ever heard of a band called Zombi and/or their frontman Steve Moore? Give “Surface to Air” a listen. Hope you’re doing well.

  4. Nice Music Choice! BTW, Caught your “Brutally Evil Satan Show in Seattle” and You had me rolling in the aisle! Well, Maybe not rollin’, because that wouldn’t exactly be “Sinister”! Too bad about the Brain cannons!
    But seriously, Great Show! Will you being doing your comedy show anywhere in Seattle anytime soon?
    I’ll be checking out some of your books as well. So what is your main gig, Writing or performing Comedy?

  5. carltonmellick Says:

    I probably won’t be doing it in Seattle anytime soon, but I hope to do a different installment of the show at the next Crypticon. My main gig is writing. I do the comedy performance thing instead of readings because readings tend to be boring.

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