Weird Japanese Music Videos

This is pretty much the only music I listen to these days.

Polysics: these guys can dance…

3-Nin: Japanese cuteness on crack…

Lil’B: great song, but what the heck is going on in this video…

Stance Punks: laser gun that turns people into punks…

Soul Eater: if South Park was Japanese anime…

If you know of any other weird Japanese music videos, let me know. I love them.

11 Responses to “Weird Japanese Music Videos”

  1. I used to have a friend Chris (he’s the guy who drank his own piss in my movie STREETCLEANER) who was obsessed with everything Japanese especially J-POP and japanese girls. He’s wack off to that videogame DEAD OR ALIVE EXTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL. It was an unhealthy obsession. He went as far as to meet a girl online who needed a greencard and so he married her. And that was right before he ditched my wedding (he was supposed to be my best man) and I haven’t talked to him since. That’s what J-pop can do to a person. Be careful.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      Obsession with J-pop: check
      Masturbating to Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball: check
      Ditching a friend’s wedding to marry a Japanese girl to get a greencard: not yet

  2. Philip Overby Says:

    Hey Carlton. Since I started living in Japan I hear all sorts of music. I couldn’t tell you what most of the bands are, but you might like Hali Cali, they are kind of interesting. Strawberry Chips is one of theirs, a rather catchy strange video. You may also like Floppy, kind of 8-bit Nintendo sounding stuff. I’ve recently discovered Polysics. I’m hoping to see them in concert while I’m here.

    • Philip Overby Says:

      Also DJ Ozma “I Rave You” is the craziest thing I have ever seen. I bought it on a karaoke CD on a whim, and it is Grade-A batshit crazy.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      I’ve listened to some Hali Cali and liked it.

      • Philip Overby Says:

        My friend tells me that “Chu” means the sound of kissing. “Natsu” means summer. I watched 3 nin Matsuri live footage and the majority of their fans are men. Hmmm…

  3. this is a pretty weird mtv imo.

    I can’t find a youtube link as i do not know the group’s name. if its even a legit group. I ripped it off facebook as it was uploaded by someone.

  4. carltonmellick Says:

    Pretty awesome. Thanks.

  5. Just found out. The artist’s name is DJ Ozma. And yes they’re a legit group. -_-

    Some of their songs are covers of korean songs (org. version by Norazo – Nal Jikyo (org. version by DJ Doc – Run To You

    One korean group which cracks me up is Norazo (or Norajyo)
    Their song Superman (with Subtitles!)
    Live Perf

  6. Nodame’s Onara Taiso (Fart Exercise) is a video from a kids show about farting.

    There is also a video called Willpower were the girls dance around a church in skimpy outfits singing ” I don’t want to do abortion.”!! then there is Chara’s live video of her song The Earth Moved’ were she dances around a giant penis.

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