Promote Bizarro…on your car

If you want to help promote bizarro fiction, then an easy and effective way to do it is to completely deface your car with vinyl stickers that read “” like this:

bizarro car

This is a much better way to promote bizarro than a mere bumper sticker. People will be able to read it from several car-lengths back or even from sidewalks when you drive by pedestrians. It will only cost you $5 and if you happen to be a bizarro writer you might even be able to write off some of your car payments and/or gas as a business expense.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Buy some white letter vinyl stickers from a crafts store such as Michael’s. As I said, it only costs $5.
2) Cut out a white circle from the negative space on the sticker sheet. This is for the period of “.com”
3) Measure the letter stickers and then measure out the length of the back of your car. Then figure out how much space between letters you’ll be able to work with. You’ll have to get the spacing just right or it will look sloppy.
4) With the trunk closed, start from the middle and then go outwards. When we put on the stickers for “” we started with the letters “e” and “n” then did the letters “c” and “t” then “o” and “r” and so on. This will make help with spacing it evenly.
5) If the letters go over the opening of the trunk, just cut through the stickers and curl the edges inwards. It will look fine.

This is an easy way to promote bizarro. Rose O’Keefe has this on the back of her car and she has heard from several people (who are now fans) who have said they discovered bizarro just by seeing her car around town. If you’re willing to sticker up your car, I highly recommend it.

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