Crypticon Performance


At Crypticon, in Seattle, June 5-7, I will be performing my Brutally Evil Satan Show…which is an hour-long comedy performance that is so evil it is retarded.

By retarded, I mean this retarded:

demon of satanness

There will also be a bizarro fiction event with readings from Jeremy Robert Johnson, Mykle Hansen, Bruce Taylor, Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce, Forrest Armstrong, Daniel Scott Buck, and Gina Ranalli, as well as a “Create Your Own Story” panel with Jeremy Robert Johnson, Cameron Pierce, John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow, where audience members tell the panelists story ideas and the panelists must improvise the story on the spot.

The “Create Your Own Story” panel will be at 1pm Saturday in the Fidalgo Room.
The “Brutally Evil Satan Show” with Carlton Mellick III will be at 6pm in the Fidalgo Room.
The “Bizarro Fiction Hour” will be at 9pm in the Olympic room.

There might also be a release party for the first issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, but time and place is TBD.

If you leave near Seattle, come out and meet the NW bizarro crew.

For more information, go to

2 Responses to “Crypticon Performance”

  1. theresaembrey Says:

    I was one of the priveledged this evening. I actually made it to see you at crypticon and you are very funny. SINISTER! yet funny. I still need to know about the remaining 6 levels of hell because I want to choose carefully. The four fat guys sitting around sounds terrible, will there be scones?

  2. Hey Carlton! I caught your “Brutally Evil Satan Show” and it had me rolling. Well, not exactly rolling, because that wouldn’t be very “Sinister” but you were quite funny indeed! Too bad about the Brain Cannons!
    But Seriously, Awesome Show! Will you be bringing your “Brutally Evil Satan Show” back to seattle anytime soon?
    I’ll definately be checking out your books in the future!
    BTW, what it your main gig, Writer or Comedian, or Satanic Rodeo Clown? BTW, The Goblins Rock! Well in a spooky, atmospheric kind of way!
    Inquiring Minds!
    Rock On!

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