Cameron Pierce to be a guest on Lair of the Yak tomorrow night

Cameron at Lair of the Yak

Cameron Pierce will be interviewed live on the online show The Lair of the Yak tomorrow night. Cameron is a bizarro author who has been a part of the scene ever since he was a teenager and is one of the most dedicated bizarros I know. His first book about giant flying sharks in the garden of Eden, Shark Hunting In Paradise Garden, which came out last year, has been acclaimed by many to be one of the best bizarro books out there. Jeff Burk, the editor of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, has called Cameron the bizarro author’s bizarro author. He’s just got a wild imagination and a keen sense of the strange.

But Cameron as a person is even more fascinating than his writing. From his crazy Meat Magick performances (that are kind of like insane puppet shows that use meat instead of puppets…such as fresh squid, whole fish, pig feet, chicken feet, and duck heads) to his strange food creations (such as weird meat pies that contain curried fish and cocoa puffs) to the time he brought a crack dealer home with him just because he thought it would be funny (and then spread peanut butter all over his face while in a conversation with him as if it were the most normal thing to do in the world).

Here is a clip from one of his Meat Magick shows that he did in his bedroom for a group of party-goers:

Here is another clip of Cameron Pierce. It takes place at Ground Kontrol (a retro arcade) where Cameron Pierce and Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Angel Dust Apocalypse, battle each other one-handed in the game of Mortal Kombat (they are playing one-handed so they can drink PBR while they play). This clip really has nothing to do with anything, but you will see me in the background playing Robotron.

Here’s the clip:

Right now Cameron is working as an intern for Eraserhead Press, and also working on his second book, The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz, which will be released later this year. If you want to learn more about Cameron Pierce check out the Lair of the Yak tomorrow night. If you miss it you can still watch it on the Lair of the Yak website later on.

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