New blog!

I am finally starting a blog. This is a blog where I will talk about:

Bizarro author events such as:

The Bizarro Breakdance party!

The Bizarro Breakdance Parties

or new bizarro book releases such as:

The Cannibals of Candyland!

The Cannibals of Candyland

or just random weird things, such as:

Hamburger turtle!

Hamburger turtle

So stick around …

3 Responses to “New blog!”

  1. Kevin L. Donihe Says:

    I liked hamburger turtle.

  2. Justin T. Coons Says:

    The Cannibals of Candyland is going to be the shit! Can’t wait!

    I like hamburger turtle too.

  3. Raffi Lopes Says:

    I useto like playing Candyland when I was a kid, Now it’ll be even more fun now that it has Cannibals!
    Also I love Hamburger turtle!!! he’s adorable!!! AWWWWW

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