One day, all washing machines will become human…

The new book by Kevin L. Donihe has just been released. One of the greatest of the bizarro writers. This guy writes entertaining weird stuff. Although he’s still new, this guy is going to go far. His new book, WASHER MOUTH: The Man Who Was a Washing Machine, has just been released through Eraserhead press. This is a book you’ve got to read.

washer mouth

Here is the description:

Roy is a washing machine messiah. Recently turned human, he must pave the way for the coming of the washer-men. Unfortunately, Roy is not a very good messiah. More obsessed with the daytime Soap Opera Sands of Eternity, Roy deviates from his mission in order to follow his dream of acting in a scene with its beautiful leading lady, before she is retired from the show. But Roy soon discovers that the rise to stardom isn’t a simple task, especially for man whose mouth is an out-of-control washing machine.

A menagerie of freaks, bukkake hair treatments, sexually deranged divas, super powered superstars, snuff films, gloop lunches, and a murderous washing machine man known only as The Dark Washer–all await Roy on his quest through the bowels of the day-time drama industry.

It’s The Little Mermaid meets O’Lucky Man, filtered through Futurama. Washer Mouth is a totally fucking insane satire of Soap Operas that could only come from the unbalanced mind of Kevin L Donihe.

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2 Responses to “One day, all washing machines will become human…”

  1. GREAT cover and concept.

  2. Done. Bought it two days ago from Amazon. Should arrive next week, hopefully.

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