4 for 3 deal at amazon.com

Many of my books, and other Eraserhead Press and Deadite Press books priced under $10, are available at amazon.com for a buy three get one free deal.

Here are some of my books available for the 4 for 3 deal:

Here are some other Eraserhead Press books available at the 4 for 3 deal:

Deadite Press books available at the 4 for 3 deal:

I’m not sure how long it will be going on, so get them while it lasts. There are also other Eraserhead Press books on amazon that are doing this deal. Just look around. About 75% of books under $10 can be bought at 4 for the price of 3.

2 Responses to “4 for 3 deal at amazon.com”

  1. […] storm of values. Yeah, I hate myself for saying that, too. But I’m still doing you a favor. Carlton Mellick gives you the scoop and a selection of […]

  2. […] 1. Muscle Memory is part of the Amazon 4-for-3 deal – buy four books that qualify for the deal and you’ll get one of them for free (CLICK HERE). Also, there are tons of Eraserhead Press, Lazy Fascist and Deadite Press titles that qualify. Good time to stuck up on summer reading material. (SEE SOME OF THEM HERE and also HERE) […]

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