A Song about Me

German experimental band PRÖGRESSOR has written a song inspired by my work. It’s called “opas leidenschaft für hirnsurrogate.” I’m not sure what it’s all about but I like the song.

Listen to it here:


6 Responses to “A Song about Me”

  1. Ha!!! Very nice I like it. Tried to have Google chrome translate German to English but it didn’t do it all the way to see what the title and what not meant. Either way I enjoyed it and CM3 getting love worldwide good shit.

  2. Nice!

    The title roughly translates to “Grandpa’s passion for brain surrogates”

    The description on the page is:

    “Nowadays there’s barely anything you can’t use as a brain substitute. Grandpa knows this and uses a substitute brain for a brain substitute.”

  3. That’s incredibly cool! You know something or someone’s made it when they start getting referenced.

  4. Awesome!!! Thanks Mock for letting us non German speakers know what that meant.

  5. You’re welcome.
    Apparently there are other germans who read CM3’s books. Good to see I’m not alone 😉

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