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baby's first book of seriously fucked up shitcarnal surgerytake the long way home by brian keene

For the horror and dark bizarro fan, everything Deadite releases is a must-own. These three are no exceptions. From “Baby’s First Book of Seriously Fucked-up Shit” by Robert Devereaux, a master of bizarro and surreal horror, to the apocalyptic novella “Take the Long Way Home” by Brian Keene (which features me, Carlton Mellick III, as a character in the book… a crazed harbinger of the apocalypse), and “Carnal Surgery” by the king of gore, Edward Lee.

by Robert Devereaux

From an orgy between God, Satan, Adam and Eve to beauty pageants for fetuses. From a giant human-absorbing tongue to a place where God is in the eyes of the psychopathic. This is a party at the furthest limits of human decency and cruelty. Robert Devereaux is your host but watch out – he’s spiked the punch with drugs, sex, and dismemberment.

Deadite Press is proud to present ten stories of the strange, the gross, and the just plain fucked-up from one of the most original voices in horror – Robert Devereaux.

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by Edward Lee

Autopsy fetishes, crippled sex slaves, a serial killer who keeps the hands of his victims, government conspiracies, dead cops and doomed pornographers. From operating room morality plays to a town that serves up piss and cum mixed drinks, this is the strange and disturbing world of Edward Lee.

From one of the most notorious, controversial, and extreme voices in horror fiction comes a new collection of depravity and terror. Carnal Surgery collects eleven of Lee’s most sought after tales of sex and dismemberment.


The Seeker
Please Let Me Out
The Order of Nature
Goddess of the New Dark Age
The Table
Death, She Said
The Piece of Paper
The Blurred Room
Make A Wish

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by Brian Keene

All across the world, people suddenly vanish in the blink of an eye. From their cars during the rush hour commute. From the shopping malls. Their homes. Their beds. Even from the arms of their loved ones. Airline pilots. World leaders. Teachers. Parents. Children.


Steve, Charlie and Frank were just trying to get home when it happened. Now they find themselves left behind, and wishing they’d disappeared, too. Trapped in the ultimate traffic jam, they watch as civilization collapses, claiming the souls of those around them. God has called his faithful home, but the invitations for Steve, Charlie and Frank got lost. Now they must set off on foot through a nightmarish post-apocalyptic landscape in search of answers. In search of God. In search of their loved ones. And in search of home.

Deadite Press is proud to make Brian Keene’s long out-of-print critically-acclaimed Take The Long Way Home available to readers once again! Includes an introduction by New York Times-bestselling author John Skipp!

Get it at

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