Coming in 2011

This year I’ve got quite a few new books coming out, as well as many re-issues of older books.

    Coming in Winter/Spring 2011:

This is a first of many older books to be re-issued with new cover art, as well as some minor editing work.


A bizarro bank heist novella.


My second short story collection, finally coming out after a decade. The title novella is about a cyberpunk ninja that is 700 pounds of pure badassery.


A collection of three novellas that take place before, after, and during the events of Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland

    In the works:

A bizarro retelling of Seven Samurai, in outer space.

A pregnant demon arrives at the door of a young man’s house. It turns out that she is a succubus who visited him in his sleep nine months ago. She says he’s the father of her child and wants to move in with him, get married, and raise the kid together. The problem is, he is already in love with another woman and has no intention of marrying this demon. But once her father, Satan himself, comes into the picture he realizes it’s not going to be so easy to get out of his responsibilities. Basically, this book will be kind of a fucked up version of a romantic comedy.

Captain Explode-O wants more than anything to be the greatest superhero on Earth. Unfortunately, his super power is the ability to make babies explode. Captain Explode-O tries to use his powers for good, but once he explodes three babies in order to prevent a convenience store robbery he inadvertently becomes the nation’s most hated super villain. Depressed and riddled with guilt, he vows never to use his powers ever again…but he might not have a choice once The Super Evils — the most evil league of super villains this side of the planet — try to recruit him as their new leader.

There might be more books coming out in 2011, but we’ll have to wait and see. Sometimes I’ll drop everything to write something new.

5 Responses to “Coming in 2011”

  1. Well, there’s seven books I’ll definitely be buying this year. I am curious though- will there be any difference, other than the cover, of your re-issues? I’m buying the new War Slut anyway. The cover is fantastic (as always when Ed is involved)!

  2. carltonmellick Says:

    The re-issues will pretty much be the same. The interior will mostly just fix copyediting problems and maybe some awkwardly worded passages will be improved. No new scenes or anything, unless inspiration hits while going through them…but I doubt it.

    They are mostly being redone to put Ed’s artwork on the covers, give them some better copy-editing, a more current catalog, and also to give a normal font size to the large font books like Fishy-fleshed and Menstruating Mall so that they can be 100 page books priced at $7.95 (both of those books are novellas, the same length as War Slut or Haunted Vagina and should have been 100 pages). It’s also a way to breathe new life into some books that aren’t selling much anymore.

  3. Tomas Antila Says:

    Ok, I’m gonna have to start saving up money for The handsome Squirm!

  4. Do you have a tentative list of the stories that will appear in The Morbidly Obese Ninja? Will it collect stories from Infant Vending Machine, or have those stories already been collected and I missed it?

  5. The Handsome Squirm = most desired book to read in 2011

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