Coming Soon: “Crab Town”

Next month, my new novella “Crab Town” will be released. This is my first 100-page novella to be published since Ultra Fuckers. Basically it is a bizarro bank heist story set in a dystopian post-nuke city. Featuring: radiation fetishists, balloon people, monster crabs, sail-bike road warriors, and a love affair between a woman and an H-Bomb.

8 Responses to “Coming Soon: “Crab Town””

  1. Fucking awesome bro, I can’t wait. Wish that the Badlands and this released around the same time get both together. Hey quick question how come you guys don’t have any pre-order stiff on amazon. Does Rose and you guys just put the book out when its ready to be shipped and done. Just wondered cause I was wanting to save the books in my cart and what not. Either way again thanks for all the kick ass work, and I am very very very excited to see that the man Brian Keene recently visited you guys out there and that can only mean some awesome shit in the future and I cant wait .

  2. Awesome. I love the bit about the woman and her affair with the H-Bomb. That just sounds like it’d be right up my alley.

  3. carltonmellick Says:

    By skipping the pre-order phase, it means the books come out sooner. For Eraserhead, when there are pre-orders available on amazon it means that the book is ready to go a few months before its street date. Eraserhead chooses to just release the book as soon as it’s ready to go rather than hold off for the sake of pre-orders.

    Barbarian Beast Bitches won’t be out until a month or two after Crab Town (because it needs to be illustrated)

    My next story collection might be out very soon as well.

    And as for BK, hell yeah!

    • Again, thanks for all the great work and info. I cant believe that Deadite has 5 of my favorite authors doing things for them, in you of course, Ed Lee, Wrath James White, Bryan Smith and now Brian Keene. As far as I am concerned Deadite/Eraserhead has cornered the market on kick ass horror!!!

      • carltonmellick Says:

        If you haven’t already you should check out Slaughter House High. Robert Devereaux is another amazing horror writer that has done quite a few must-reads. He will have a lot more coming out through Deadite this year.

  4. Ha I already have it and am about to get to that book soon. And again thanks for the info.

  5. Hi, Carlton,
    I am curious if the Avant Punk bookclub is still available for your books? I’ve seen ads listed in your older works. I just picked up Crab Town & I didn’t see it listed in the back. If it’s still available, I would like to sign up in the future.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      It doesn’t exist anymore unless you’re already a member. There were too many problems with it, like the books took forever to get out to people and I couldn’t keep up with the 6 books a year schedule …mostly because my books have been getting longer.

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