Artwork: last three for a while

These are the last of the images I did over the Christmas break. These 6 images were all the work I was able to get done while staying with family for three weeks. Jeff Burk is interested in using the first one as the next cover for Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.

girl 78

girl 79

girl 80

3 Responses to “Artwork: last three for a while”

  1. The last one made me think of Lou Gossett Jr’s alien character from Enemy Mine.

  2. Jonny Kelly Says:

    They are all vividly disgusting and beautiful, at the same time. Like Clive Barker’s best art work.

  3. carltonmellick Says:

    I was also thinking of Enemy Mine when it was finished…but the second one not the last one. I think that’s what you meant, right?

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