Mayor McCheese of the Post Apocalypse

Here is a poster from my book Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland:

It is Mayor McCheese, the evil warlord of the wasteland. Perhaps the dumbest villain I have ever come up with. This is a promotional poster. I’m thinking about maybe selling some of these on my site, if there’s interest.

3 Responses to “Mayor McCheese of the Post Apocalypse”

  1. Carlos Silva Says:

    haha oh man i would definitely by this if it was a poster i have never seen mayor mcCheese look so brutal like that before nice haha

  2. would love one, with extra fries.

  3. I would buy one for sure, I might even get it tattooed on meself. I’m actually thinking about getting a tattoo this month, haha. How would you feel about a fan tattoo of Mayor McCheese?

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