Free Anthology – “Bradley Sands is a Dick”


I found a place where you can download the anthology, “Bradley Sands is a Dick,” for free. This anthology features my story “Bradley Sands is a Dick,” as well as other stories by bizarro writers, which all happen to be titled “Bradley Sands is a Dick.” My story is meant to be read out loud, so I’m not sure how it works on the page. You won’t be able to hear my Bradley Sands impersonation. It should still be worth checking out.

Bradley Sands, if you don’t know, is the biggest dick in the bizarro fiction scene, but we all still love him. This anthology is dedicated to his dickishness. Besides being a dick, Bradley Sands is the editor of Bust Down the Door and Eat All The Chickens, author of It Came From Below the Belt, and wrote one of the most bizarro stories of all time “Cheesequake Smashup” for the Bizarro Starter Kit (blue).

You can download “Bradley Sands is a Dick” here:

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