Zombie Cat Puppet Making Contest!

This is from bizarro writer Kevin Shamel:

shamel contest

For more information, go here: http://www.shamelesscreations.com/?page_id=163

If you know any crafties, please spread the word. There can never be too many zombie cats.

3 Responses to “Zombie Cat Puppet Making Contest!”

  1. am in the process of making sock monkey puppets for a stop motion animation I’m doing…could well include a zombie cat! great idea! am inspired.

  2. Shane Sinsapaugh Says:

    Haha, Zombie cat sock puppets! I think I could do one, I just made a thugged out sock puppet for my book “Dick Cheese: The Tragic Tale of a Hamburger,” but zombie cats are much more sexy.

  3. started creating my zombie cat for you…it’s beginning to scare me… should have photos by the weekend (but do zombies photograph? or is that just vampires that don’t ?) we shall see! Must remember not to put it in the same bag as the monkeys. Chaos!

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