Vegan Bizarro!

I admit that I eat vegan food from time to time. Not because I am vegan, but because I really appreciate the food. Since vegans have limited ingredients, they have to get really creative with their recipes. This is what I like about it. They invent completely new types of foods. I’ve always liked trying weird new foods. Usually, the way to try something completely different is to go to an ethnic restaurant, but I have pretty much tried every type of ethnic food out there. Then I realized that vegan food is becoming like the cutting edge for imaginative foods. When done right, it’s almost like eating Thai food or Indian food for the first time, and it has the right flavors and textures that you don’t miss cheese or meat at all. When it’s done wrong, it tastes like it really could use cheese or meat. That’s when it fails…at least for me. I know that this is sacrilege, but sometimes I do add cheese or meat to vegan food. Not often, though, because there’s usually no point. My favorite breakfast is a tofu scramble with veggies, cheese, and sometimes bacon…because I think tofu tastes better in a scramble than eggs. But most of the time I eat vegan food the way its meant to be eaten, and it’s usually pretty good (or at least interesting).

So why am I bringing up vegan food? Well, because two vegan bizarro writers are having a release party at the Hungry Tiger Too bar in Portland on August 4th, which is supposed to have some pretty good vegan food. If you live in the Portland area, come check it out. If you’re not interested in the vegan stuff, they also have regular bar food.

Here’s the info…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: Hungry Tiger Too! 207 SE 12th Portland

Screams From a Dying World” is short Story collection by a local Portland author David Agranoff. It’s 13 tales of horror and Science fiction all with ecological and animal rights themes. “Swarm of Flying Eyeballs” is a novel by Seattle based Wonderland Award winning author of “13 thorns” Gina Ranalli. Gina’s fiction is sometimes horror, absurdist, visionary and always bizarro! Readings, Q and A, greasy vegan food!

Fun! Come by and throw things at us! (vegan things, please!)

3 Responses to “Vegan Bizarro!”

  1. can i be there in spirit?

    *has no plane fare and it’s a bit hard to swim from australia – not that i’ve tried, but sharks have awfully good sense of smell and they know my meaty bits taste good. especially around my ribs and my feet. sharks like feet. toasted, with a little boiled kneecaps on the side. mostly they eat us raw, it’s true, but sometimes they don’t mind doing it human style. this is going too long as an explanation why i can’t swim to the opening night, but there you go.*

  2. Yay! Vegan eats! I’m excited!

  3. William Pauley III Says:

    My wife tried becoming vegan recently. She was successful for four days. She said that she felt physically weak and malnourished.

    I applaud her though, I can barely make it through one meal without spreading baconnaise on something.

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