Now Available: The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction

If you haven’t noticed The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction is back and will be published on a regular quarterly basis from now on. Issues will be released in March, June, September, and December. Count on that.

I highly recommend reading this publication. It’s a good way to support the bizarro fiction scene. Also, if the magazine becomes popular enough I might just start writing ongoing serials for it.


The premier magazine of the bizarro genre.

Issue seven features the novella “Noah’s Arkopolis” by David W Barbee short fiction by David Agranoff, Molly Tanzer, Andrew Wayne Adams, Shane McKenzie and Dustin Reade, comics by Andrew Goldfarb and SCAR, articles by Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Carlton Mellick III, Kirsten Alene Pierce, Garrett Cook and Bradley Sands, a spotlight on author Jordan Krall, reviews, and more!

Click HERE to order The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (Issue Seven)!

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