Out now: “Christmas on Crack”

Here’s a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for you:

christmas on crack


Perverted Christmas Tales for the whole family!*

(* As long as every member of your family is over the age of 18.)

It’s a dark and seedy side of Christmas that you didn’t know about. A Christmas underworld where Santa gets dominated by Peppermint women and Frosty is a transvestite stripper. There’s elf sluts, toy orgies, and giant flesh-eating Christmas crabs that shoot lasers.

That’s right.


It’s the holiday season, bitches, so strap on your sugar plum ball gag, bend yourself over the Yule log, and get ready for Kris Kringle to shove some Christmas cheer up your ass!

Featuring stories by Jordan Krall, Jeff Burk, Kevin L. Donihe, Cameron Pierce, Kirsten Alene, Kevin Shamel, Edmund Colell, and Andrew Goldfarb.

Get it at amazon.com

2 Responses to “Out now: “Christmas on Crack””

  1. Jonathan Kelly Says:

    Considering you are against reading Bizzaro fiction being likened to taking drugs, isn’t calling this anthology “Christmas on Crack” likening bizzaro to drugs?

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