Cover for my upcoming zombie book

Return of the living dead style zombies + punks of the apocalypse in a battle royale style game show. Coming soon.

18 Responses to “Cover for my upcoming zombie book”

  1. 2 questions- is that another Mironiuk cover? And what month do I get to buy this baby?

  2. bastardo_kamonohashi Says:

    Those stars embedded in her forehead, could the be inspired vrom Vyvyan from The Young Ones?

  3. I fucking love it now get that shit out here so I can buy it and devour it!!!

  4. carltonmellick Says:

    Scott – Yep. Ed does all my covers, pretty much.

    Bastardo – That’s what I was thinking. I haven’t spoken to the artist about it yet, though.

    Nick – It should be out in September sometime.

  5. danny duran Says:

    fuckin epic!

  6. Chris Bradford Says:

    Is this the Hamburglar story?

  7. This looks so damned good! Holding my breath. Love the cover! Just ordered The Kobold Wizard’s Dildo of Enlightenment +2 and am about to sink my teeth into Cybernetrix. Keep them coming, man. Are you really working on a sequel to WWWOTW?

  8. I’m interested in this battle royale thing because my zombie fighting book, Zombie Fight Night is kind of like that. Think Mortal Kombat meets zombies.

    The game show aspect is a nice twist, though.

    Gonna have to check this out when it’s ready.

    • carltonmellick Says:

      Hey AP! I heard about your book too, just the other week. I think your book sounds cool but a lot different. It sounds more like the wrestling kind of battle royale (but to the death). Mine is a somewhat of a spin off of the movie/novel/manga Battle Royale. It’s about 20 people who are forced into a brutal reality game show. They awake in the middle of the zombie wasteland, each with a unique zombie-killing weapon. They have to fight their way to the evacuation zone to be rescued. However, only one person will get saved so they have to fight each other as well as zombies to be the first to the helicopter. Like my book Apeshit, it focuses a lot on the characters’ different unique and somewhat disturbing back stories. It also gets into the different dystopian overpopulated societies of survivors that have evolved on the islands surrounding the mainland.

  9. nicolecushing Says:


    Will the Hamburglar in the novella collection be the same Hamburglar from WARRIOR WOLF WOMEN.., with the same back-story, or some sort of “alternate universe Hamburglar”. Hamburgl-ettes (Hamburglar groupies) like myself are dying to know!

    Robble, Robble!


  10. G McDonough Says:

    Can’t wait for this book, just read 4 of your books back to back and have a quite a few strange dreams. Loved Apeshit! so i am really looking forward to another horror story.

    A quick question about the book club offer, in the back of a few of your books it mentions paying into a club type system and get so many of your new up coming books, is that offer still on and to fans in the UK?

    • carltonmellick Says:

      Probably not. But you can ask Rose O’Keefe (publisher at and maybe she’ll do it.

      Glad you’re digging my books. I hope you like this next one.

  11. G McDonough Says:


    Me again, it seems to have gone a little quiet, and I am worried, any ideas of a pub date for Zombies and Shit?

    Ps the dreams didn’t get any better had 2 wks on holiday and managed Teeth and Tongue, Haunted V and Fishy Fleshed.

  12. G McDonough Says:


    We are having ‘Find and read the sickest book’ challenge at work, a few to make the list were – Apeshit by your good self, the pig – Edward Lee.

    Whats the sickest book you have read, and any ideas that i could bring to the table that might churn some gutts?

  13. High, CM3, something horrorfying has happened, months ago I bought that multi-book deal, where I am supposed to get your new books a month before they come out–but Zombies und Shit is out now–& I never received my early copy (?!), do you have me signed up & can you please help me with this??…thanks!! – Kris Gilpin.

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