books by Edward Lee

Deadite Press, the cult horror imprint of Eraserhead Press, has just released two books by gore legend Edward Lee.

What is really awesome is that I personally came up with the titles for each of these books. I also selected the cover images (both by the great Alan Clark). When Edward Lee submitted these collections, he told Eraserhead Press to go ahead and name them for him. After a couple of days of brainstorming with Rose O’Keefe and Jeff Burk, I pitched the titles “Bullet Through Your Face” and “Brain Cheese Buffet” and everybody liked them.

Check them out:

bullet through your face

Bullet Through Your Face

No writer is more extreme, perverted, or gross than Edward Lee. His world is one of psychopathic redneck rapists, sex addicted demons, and semen stealing aliens. Brace yourself, the king of splatterspunk is guaranteed to shock, offend, and make you laugh until you vomit. Bullet Through Your Face collects three novellas demonstrating Lee’s mind-blasting talent.

Ever Nat – One man is forced to endure an unimaginable torment just to stay alive, one night at a time.

The Salt-Diviner – A touching story of one couple and the quadriplegic, homeless fortune teller locked in their basement.

The Refrigerator Full of Sperm – Why are all the men of Luntville falling into comas with their pants down and dicks up?

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brain cheese buffet

Brain Cheese Buffet

You’ve seen Cannibal Holocaust. You’ve seen Salo. You’ve seen Nekromantik. You ain’t seen shit!

Zombie prostitutes, religious rapists, horny werewolves, death by vomit, and sexual fetishes scraped off the sidewalk. From sex prisons to mafia torture chambers, hold on tight because you’re about to enter the perverted and twisted mind of Edward Lee. Once you’ve seen what he has to show you – there’s no coming back.

Brain Cheese Buffet collects nine of Lee’s most sought after tales of violence and body fluids. Featuring the Stoker nominated “Mr. Torso,” the legendary gross-out piece “the Dritiphilist,” the notorious “The McCrath Model SS40-C, Series S,” and six more stories to test your gag reflex.

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