Cancer-cute auction – only time this book will ever be for sale

I donated a signed copy of my exclusive story collection CANCER-CUTE to a charity auction to help out author/publisher/friend Jerrod Balzer who is in need of medical/financial assistance. Cancer Cute is a collection of my early chapbooks, featuring long out of print stories and poems. Usually, it is only available if you earn 500 points in my street team, the Avant Punk Army. This is the first and only time you can actually pay for it.

The auction groups Cancer-cute with 5 other collectible novels by Bryan Smith and Mark McLaughlin (an author that every fan of bizarro fiction should read). There’s only three days left of the auction, so if you’re interested place your bids now. This is the only time you’ll ever be able to buy a copy of it. (Well, unless I decide to donate a copy to another worthy cause, but I’m not sure if that will happen). Remember, all profits go to help out a writer in need.

The auction is here:

Good luck!

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