If you like spaghetti westerns and bizarro fiction, you need to read this book

fistful of feet

Jordan Krall is a bizarro author who happens to be obsessed with the spaghetti western genre of film. When Eraserhead Press asked him to write a bizarro novel with a spaghetti western theme he jumped all over that. His work has always been crazy and one of a kind, but Fistful of feet is something special. I think it’s because his passion for spaghetti westerns really comes through in this book. People have said that it is not only one of the best weird westerns out there, but also one of the best bizarro books of last year (or perhaps even all time).

You owe it to yourself to check out this book. Here are some reasons why: Cthulhu-worshipping Indians, a woman with four feet, a Giallo-esque serial killer, a crazed gunman who is obsessed with sucking on candy, Syphilis-ridden mutants, ass juice, burping pistols, sexually transmitted tattoos, and a house devoted to the freakiest fetishes.

Check it out on amazon.com

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