Naked Lobster Cabaret – Feb 18th in Portland, OR

Whitney Streed talks about an upcoming event called “Naked Lobster Cabaret” on her blog at:

Naked Lobster

The event features comedians, bizarro writers, and burlesque.

Here is a sample of what she says about bizarro on her blog:

…what I particularly like about the combination of comedy and burlesque is the strong focus on performance, on drawing a room together and eliciting reactions from the audience. And that’s actually what I like about the Bizarro authors I am choosing for this show. Because, from my limited understanding of the publishing industry, it is the folks in the Bizarro camp who actually have a sense of their readings as performances and not just, well, readings. Jeff Burk’s “Shatnerquake” performance rocked rooms because it involved masks and things falling from the ceiling and the spilling of paper guts. And he is not the only one – fellow Bizarro and Famous Author Mykle Hansen has been around the country doing book promotions involving multimedia presentations and bear costumes, and the granddaddy of Bizarro fiction Carlton Mellick III’s Brutally Evil Satan Show has been growing a reputation for years.

If you live or will be in Portland on this date, check it out.

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