What I got for Christmas

Three christmases were pretty exhausting but a lot of fun. I’m ready to sleep for a couple days. This is what I was given:

Left for Dead 2
Doctor Who – E-Space Trilogy
Doctor Who – Delta and the Bannermen
Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
Farscape the complete series
Gunslinger Girl 2 complete boxset
Last Exile complete boxset
Star Trek PEZ dispenser boxset
some gift cards
a sausage

4 Responses to “What I got for Christmas”

  1. I’m sure the sausage exploded covering your Gunslinger Girl in X-mas love goo.

    Now is not the time for reflections of purgatory.

  2. Michael Riess Says:

    I got Adolf in Wonderland, $50 dollars, subscription to Bizarro magazine, Boneshaker(same as your own) third issue of Coilhouse magazine(you should look into it) Left 4 Dead 1, Borderlands, both Bizarro starter kits, issue 13 of Hi-Fructose magazine and deep anal sex from my girlfriend. I also bought Razor Wire Pubic Hair and Angel Hair Apocalypse with part of the money. With the other I bought perverted by language, and Battle Royale 2: Revenge. Yay for Japanese cult movies.

  3. i’m quite a big fan of Last Exile, so good show sir. good show.

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