Interview with Kevin Shamel

Kevin Shamel has an interview at Every Day Fiction. Kevin is an up and comer in the bizarro scene, with a book coming out in the recently established New Bizarro Author Series. He discusses his views on bizarro fiction and his upcoming book, Rotten Little Animals.

Here’s an excerpt:

The publishing houses of Bizarro fiction and their authors are surfing the wave of progressiveness. Bizarro is independent media. It is mould-shattering. The people involved in this movement are expanding into a fresh, new frontier. Not only is the subject matter of what they’re publishing something completely different, but their idea of how the industry can and will work is completely different. It is exciting.

The Bizarro crowd is going about things in an unusual manner. The publishing companies are forming a community around them; a group of writers who support each other, as well as the genre. A family. Bizarro is an umbrella, a patron with its artists. It’s a new way of doing things and it’s just in time. There’s much more ahead. I’m happy to be on the edge with them.

Having hung out with Kevin a few times now, I can say that he’s a great addition to the bizarro family.

Check out the interview here.

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